BIRTHDAY!!! 30 By 30 List

TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY! YAYYY!! I'm just wondering how I'm 28 years old?! I'm pretty sure I graduated from college like 2 years ago. It's crazy how time flies. I remember people saying that time seems to move so much faster the older you get. I totally agree. The years just tick on by. It's hard to believe. I figured what better time to present my 30 by 30 list than on my birthday. I have exactly 2 years to complete these things!

They are in no particular order. Some of them are totally random and weird so prepare yourself!

1. Watch the entire series of Lost. (I've never seen a single episode. I know I know. I felt that I couldn't start in the middle so I always said I would watch them. Now's the time!)
2. Print/organize my photos
3. Run a 5K using the Couch to 5K program
4. Finish a 1/2 marathon
5. Plan a great 30th birthday trip with my girlfriends.
6. Move (this is open-ended...not sure where I'll go.)
7. Master my sugar cookies/royal icing
8. Do more yoga
9. Pay off student loans
10. Visit NYC (I haven't been back since I lived there)
11. Take a road trip with friends
12. Go vegetarian for 1 month
13. Spice up my blog
14. Do more projects (DIY, etc.)
15. Go golfing (at least to the driving range. I've never been)
16. Get a picture on the Brooklyn Bridge
17. Get a picture of the southern point of the US while in Key West
18. Organize recipe binders
19. Read at least 5 books from the top 100 novels everyone should read list
20. Watch 5 of the top 100 movies to see before you die list
21. Find out my blood type
22. Complete a crossword - unassisted.
23. Buy myself a piece of jewelry I've always wanted
24. Get a facial
25. Eat at The Melting Pot (I've wanted to do this for a very long time)
26. Get rid of my clutter
27. Donate clothes to Goodwil, etc. (At least once a year)
28. Learn to sew. (Make a dress or skirt.)
29. Start a jewelry side project - make an Etsy shop
30. Renew my passport

This is subject to change! Maybe I'll think of something really great that I need to do later on. Do any of you have a 30 by 30 list? Please share!



  1. nice list! You've seen mine, but I'll share it again anyways. http://www.bleudress.com/2011/06/30-by-30.html