Who Does That?

I've mentioned that my allergies are awful right now. I can't remember the last time I experienced an allergy season this bad. To say my Singulair isn't cutting it would be an understatement. Monday night I called the nurse I used to work with and she told me to take some Zyrtec along with the Singulair. I'll do anything at this point. Yesterday I did just that. I made sure not to take them at the same time and I was sure that I had eaten before I took the Zyrtec. (Side Note: Zyrtec never makes me drowsy. I function perfectly fine on it.)


I fell asleep writing. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! I mean I knew I was struggling. I'm completely worn out from the constant go-go-go I've been doing lately. But, everyone is busy so that's not really a good excuse. As you can see, my writing wasn't looking great prior to the falling asleep. That's because my head kept bobbing. Ugh! By the way, that word is organization.

Now I have the dilemma of...do I suffer through the next several months or do I risk taking more allergy pills while working?! The jury is still out on that one. Maybe if I get some rest and stop running on fumes I won't fall asleep at my desk on a Tuesday when nearly all of the faculty are here and walking past my office.

I warned my co-workers, if you see me asleep at  my desk, PLEASE wake me up! I have no control over this! Thankfully, I only dosed off for a few seconds.

Oh My! Well, Happy Wednesday Ladies! Thank God tomorrow is my Friday!


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