What's a date?

I was listening to the radio on my way to work yesterday. One of the stations I listen to is actually based out of New York. I find them hilarious. Typically, I'm laughing on my way to work. Yesterday, was no exception. The points they brought up were pretty right on, in my opinion. So, I thought I would share this with all of you.

The topic was "dating" in your 20's or the lack there of. One of their interns was talking about how people don't really date anymore. She said, she feels like everyone meets up as a group and then just goes home with each other at night. She wants a guy that wants to take her on a date. So, people were calling in and discussing the topic. One of the guys on the show is 26 and he said he would love to take girls on dates but some of them don't want anything to do with it.

After further discussion, they came to the conclusion that this text based/social media world we live in makes doing things face to face or one on one more difficult. You can have a relationship with someone without ever seeing them. I think this is so true. I have certain people in my life that I text on a regular basis. But, we never see each other. Some of that could be because of distance and it's hard to see one another. But, if you build a relationship with someone via text or FB and are then thrown into a face to face situation, would you feel uncomfortable? Is it going to be awkward? According to the listeners, it is awkward. But, you need to power through it.

Personally, I want to go on dates. But, people do tend to just hang out. It's so strange. Plus, where do people in their 20's meet other people? In bars, right?! So, everyone gets a little too much liquid courage and then you kind of throw everything out the window. It's a strange world we live in! Yesterday, Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers did a post about chivalry. It was fitting because I was thinking about the same things. We are brought up to be strong independent women. But, I would love it if a guy opened my door for me and offered to carry my bags. I think it's sweet and it shows that he cares. I don't think I would stand at the car door and refuse to get in until he opened it but if he beat me to the car and opened the door, it would make me smile!

A guy made a valid point, a date doesn't have to be a formal setting with dinner and a movie. A date can be spending time with each other. Even if that means running errands or going for a walk or hike. You don't have to put pressure on a date to make it some big to-do. I wouldn't hate the big to-do but I would be just as happy with the walk and ice cream.

Is chivalry dead? Do we have an altered perception of what dating really is? Should we all take note of our grandparents and the simpleness of life in the 50's, when you went the soda shop and split a milkshake?

I don't really know, but I think it's something we could think about! Happy Wednesday Dolls!


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  1. I think the awkwardness is absent if you find something truly special. Bobby and I met online and talked for about 3 weeks before meeting. Our first date was over dinner and we talked for 4.5 hours with no awkwardness at all. Obviously I didn't know that I was on my last first date ever (hopefully), but it felt right even then.