Weekend Re-Cap

Well, it's official. We have another Bobcat Alum in the family. I still can't really believe it. I have some OOTD's to post also but that will probably be tomorrow because I think you're about to get photo overload!

Ahh...my happy place!

Before the students filled all of those seats

After the students arrived

Not the best picture but there was a lot of zooming going on.

President McDavis

This is for my sister. Prez lookin like a pimp in his big chair and bling around his neck!

Parents and sister

 Bobcat Alums

Sister at College Gate. There is a pic of the two of us. But, it's on my mom's camera. Boo.

Porter Hall...my home away from home during my OU days.

Bicennetenial Park


This is how I spent the drive home.

We had a great day in Athens. I may have had a relatively strong drink with dinner and that might have contributed to my nice little nap on the way home. So proud of my sister and the rest of Ohio University's Class of 2011.

Be prepared for some OOTD's and a little shopping recap tomorrow!


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