Skinny Cow you have my vote

Thanks to Pink Lou Lou (I mean really do I get all of my fabulous new finds from her?!? I think so!) I now have Skinny Cow in my life. Let's break this down.

1. Delicious ice creams in the perfect size and minimal calories
2. Yummy chocolate caramel clusters again with minimal calories
3. Chocolate wafer goodness

All of these things make me incredibly happy. I'll gladly take the 120 calorie dreamy clusters over a 250 cal Twix any day.

Lou Lou my life is forever changed...and you're to Thank! The Dulce de Leche ice cream is AMAZEBALLS. My mouth is watering as we speak. I'm sitting at work and there is nothing I can do about it. Ugh! Note to self: buy some skinny cow on the way home tonight.

Ladies, go buy some skinny cow. You'll LOVE it. It may be swim suit season but that doesn't mean my chocolate and ice cream cravings go away. I now have my new go to option! Do yourself a favor and check out the Skinny Cow website.

Happy Tuesday my Dolls! I'm going to spend my afternoon reading a book while my students take their written exams. Jealous?!?


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