Thanks to a fellow blogger, Mon at The Doctor's Closet, I learned about this amazing website called Pinterest. You basically are making online inspiration boards by "pinning" pics of your favorite things to your many boards. I have several...one of which is titled Delicious Treats. There are so many fabulous things on this website.

Wonderful DIY projects. I see these awesome projects and totally think, I can do that! So, I have a feeling when things finally settle down around here I will work on a few.

The recipes are endless. Everyday I see something else I want to try. Yesterday, I found bacon cups. Seriously, a cup made out of bacon. They put lettuce and tomatoes in it. Come on! A BLT minus the bread and in cup form...OMG. I immediately thought of my friend Mandi and had to send her the link. She loves her some bacon!

You can find everything from fashion inspiration to books to home decor to projects geared towards kids. You can browse the website without having an account but in order to start pinning you need to send a request for an account. It took a few days for mine to go through but it was over the weekend so I'm not sure if it would take less time during the week or not.

Seriously, if you're planning a wedding. You should check it out. There are so many fun and unique ideas. I'm kind of addicted to this website! I'm not getting paid to say all of these great things...prom prom. I just think it's awesome and everyone should experience it!

Happy pinning Ladies!


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