OOTD and Weekend Re-Cap

Let's start with my OOTD on Friday. I mentioned that I wore my fav white pants on Friday. So here's the outfit!

Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West
Watch: Anne Klein
Bracelets: Banana Republic
Not Pictured: White Cardigan from New York and Co.

Saturday was a CRAZY day. So busy and incredibly H.O.T. No joke it hit 98 degrees. What?!? It's only the beginning of June. I started the morning off with meeting Jenn and couple of her XC girls so we could carpool to the State Track Meet in Columbus. There are no pics of my bright orange Eaton Track shirt and comfy shorts. To say we were sweaty doesn't even really explain it. I chugged a Venti Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte on the way there and then made another Sbux stop on the way home as well. I needed the caffeine to get me through such a long day. (Opted for a Grande Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato for round two.)

The sweat was worth it because we got to see two amazing kids give it their all. It gives me goosebumps! Michelle ran the DII 800M race and came in 7th with a time of 2:17:24. That's her PR and she made it on the podium. Did I mention she's a FRESHMAN. I can't wait to see what she can do 3 years from now! Todd ran the DII 3200M race and came in 7th as well. His time was 9:42:25. His PR for the season and another medal and podium appearance. He's a Senior and it was a great way to finish out his career. They ran at 2 pm...I couldn't imagine how how that track was. Way to go guys, you're AMAZING!

So, I hurried home and jumped in the shower. I didn't bother to wash my hair because I was off to my cousin's grad party which involved sitting outside. I had to put my hair up at the track meet. My ponytail is like an inch and a half long. Not cute! I DID NOT care. So, I didn't want to straighten it which means I wore my hair like this to the grad party which just so happens to be at my hairdresser's house. Aunt Karen laughed and said it's a good thing you're coming in on Tuesday. I could not agree more.

I wore this romper last weekend too. Again, it was too hot to care and this is so comfortable.

Romper: Forever 21
Flip flops: Old Navy
Headband: H&M

Sunday I had yet another graduation party. After walking my sister's dog and then my dog getting incredibly jealous and requiring a walk as well, I was beat and it was only noon. I did not have the energy to do my hair (big surprise - it's too long right now and requires too much time and effort). Plus, I was going to sit outside again. Seriously, what's the point? I slopped some of my curling product on it. A combination of Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Cream and John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Spray usually does the trick. I dried it and let it be.  

Dress: Forever 21
Tank: Forever 21
Shoes: Old Navy Flip Flops

Ok, so that's my crazy weekend. And this weekend I'll be in Athens for my baby sister's graduation...I feel like just yesterday I was going to OU orientation with her. I hope you all had an awesome weekend!


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