Morning Star

I'm totally addicted to Morning Star Farms products. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything I have tried.

I can't get enough of these breakfast sandwiches!!

Yesterday, I tried the Chicken Patty for the first time. OMG. It.is.DELICIOUS. How do they make veggies taste like chicken?? I will never know! But, they do a damn good job. My mouth is watering as I write this.

I made a little sandwich on an Everything Bagel Thin. The downfall of the bagel (in my opinion) is it is just too much bread. However, I do love a good Asiago Cheese Bagel from Panera. So, this bagel thin totally rocked my world. I just melted a little cheese on it with some mustard. I was starving yesterday and managed to eat all of my veggies 2 hours before my lunch time. Thankfully, I had some trail mix in my office to help hold me off until I got home!

I recommend trying some Morning Star products. You won't be disappointed. Prom Prom!!


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