I Love Buying Gifts...for MYSELF!

I love to buy a gift for myself. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. I have been dying over a gold Michael Kors watch but with several weddings looming next year and my need to buy BM dresses and gifts, I've decided spending that much money on a watch isn't necessary. Granted, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it. But, I thought maybe I would look for a cheaper option to hold me over. I have a great watch that I adore. It's blingy and it sparkles. I've had it 3 years and it still looks new but I wear it everyday and I want to be able to change it up a bit.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing hautelook.com. (I'm obsessed!!) I saw that there was going to be a watch sale. Maybe, just maybe my MK watch would be on there. I was hoping but it was not the case. (There is also a Marc Jacobs I'm lusting after...I have a problem.) There were some FAB Invicta watches though. Let me tell you, it was great deal. I couldn't pass it up. Reg - $400, I paid - $65. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!

I snatched this little guy so fast!

It's the perfect Summer watch. Plus, I get my gold fix...at least for the time being. There were also a pair of Ray Bans I had my eye on but I used my strength and resisted the urge to buy both.

Have any of you bought something for yourself lately??


P.S. I got my computer back last night so I hope to get some pictures uploaded tonight. We shall see how that goes!

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