Friday Favorites!

I'm leaving today for Cleveland! It's only fitting that my Friday Favorites consists of my favorite people. There is one person that will be greatly missed this weekend. You might  remember her...

Oh Best Friend...will Poland give you back to us, Please?!?!?

This guy just returned from serving our country. I guess the least I could do is make the 3 1/2 hour trip to see him.  (This picture and the one below are from our 5 year reunion at OU last summer. The day is a bit blurry and I kind of miss my long hair.)

I'll be taking over this lovely lady's guest bedroom. There are actually good pics of the two of us but this just make me smile! I could have cropped B out but I feel like he adds to the picture!

Then, there's this guy and his luscious John Stamos-esque locks. I can't wait to hear Nick say "Have Mercy" for the first of approximately 50 times over the course of 2 days.

Alright Dolls, I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Mine will be busy and definitely not dull. How could it be with this group?!


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