Friday Favorites!

I took today off so I could get ready for the Reunion tonight. I'm so glad it is finally here. I'll be happy when it's over and I can stop worrying about all of the details. I'll be sure to post pics of my dress, etc on Monday! On to my Friday Favorites!

These are like fruit snacks for grown ups. I bought them at Kroger and I'm officially obsessed! INCREDIBLY delicious. The sweetness definitely fills that late afternoon sugar craving I've been getting lately! Thank you Stretch Island Fruit Co. you're the bomb! I want to try all of the flavors. I've only had strawberry and raspberry. I tend to stick to my go to flavors when trying something new. Then, I branch out after I know I like it!

I have a salad EVERYDAY for lunch. Ok, that's not totally true...occasionally I go downstairs and get Subway. But, the majority of the week I'm eating a salad and this dressing is AMAZEBALLS. It's thicker than normal Italian dressing (I learned the hard way when my bottle got clogged and exploded all over my desk on Wednesday.) It definitely helps add a little something to my salad.

Jenn got me this little beauty for my birthday last year. It's a great wallet! Vera Bradley knows what's up! The print is Very Berry Paisley. It keeps my life organized. It's public knowledge that I'm a little bit OCD so having a place for every card / cash / change is important! It's pretty thin too so it doesn't take up a ton of room in my handbag. My sister and I each have one and we bought my mom one for Christmas last year. Her wallet was ATROCIOUS. No joke the woman would have cash just sticking out the top of it. Money was shoved in any open place she could find. I had a small panic attack and heart palpitations every time I had to see it. Thankfully, Ms. Bradley saved the day and mom has been in good shape ever since!

HAPPY WEEKEND DOLLS! I hope you have a ball! I'm going to spend the weekend feeling old with my 10 year high school reunion and my brother and sister's graduation party. Oh My!



  1. The vinaigrette selection here at our grocery store SUCKS so when I was home in March/April, I stocked up. One of the bottles I brought back to Japan with me was this bruschette dressing. I had forgotten it was in my pantry till I saw this post. I'm eating it on my salad right now and I LOVE IT! Thanks for reminding me.

  2. I'm glad I could remind you Jes! I love that you love it too!