Friday Favorites!

This Friday Favorites is a little different. Saturday is the day I return to my happy place to watch my baby sister graduate from Ohio University. So, I figured I would list some of my favorite things about OU!

College Green. When I think of this place, I see people reading under the trees, playing with their dogs, playing guitar and just enjoying the beautiful scenery. It seems like yesterday I joined Sister at Orientation and we had a picture taken in this very spot. The picture is blurry (Mom clearly should have been wearing her glasses that she claimed she didn't really need) and we were kind of sweaty. So, I spared you all from seeing that image!

Court Street. I spent the majority of my time at OU on this street. It has everything you could possibly want!

The C.I., my home away from home.

The Bricks. They caused a few broken shoes and maybe a twisted ankle a time or two but I wouldn't change it for anything!

I can't believe Sister is finished with college. It's so strange to me because there are days when I feel like I just walked across that stage. Then reality hits and I realize that was 6 years ago. 

My cousin starts at OU in the Fall. While at his grad party last weekend, I was talking to two of his friends that will be going to OU as well. I started to laugh when one of them asked "If it was the BEST time EVER." I responded to his question with, "Best 4 Years Ever!" He then informed me he already has a fake ID. The kid is ready! 

So, CONGRATULATIONS OHIO UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 2011. In the words of my best friend, It doesn't get any better than that so I hope you enjoyed yourselves!


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