Cleveland...you got the best of me this time.

If this weekend were a sporting event, Cleveland beat me 2-0. That city took advantage of a tiny girl that for some reason thought she was 21 and could party like a college kid. THIS IS SO NOT THE CASE. I was in the fetal position on Jill's couch until 5 pm Saturday. I'm not exaggerating. I woke up stumbling drunk. How is this possible?! I put my big girl pants on and headed out with Nick. I mean that is the reason I made the trip in the first place. Should I be concerned that my hands were trembling at 7 pm? Probably so, but in true OU fashion, Nick told me the only cure for it was to drink some more. I had tried everything else, so why not?! I see how people become alcoholics...the trembling stopped and I began to feel like myself again.

We then went on to a house party, where I found my fashion soulmate/new bff Crystal. It's a match made in lipgloss wearing, Michael Kors loving, hautelook.com shopping heaven. Too bad we live on opposite sides of the state. This made Nick extremely uncomfortable. But, with their encouragement I started playing flip cup for the first time in my life. I know, I know...how did she go to college and NEVER play flip cup?? Well, I don't drink beer. I refuse. I HATE it. So, flip cup was never something I did. I smuggled my own booze into parties. Thank god for a large handbag! I played with mixed drinks on Saturday night. Which lead to my demise. However, I FREAKING DOMINATED THAT TABLE. I believe my team was quite proud.

So, here I am...back at work and still feeling the effects of a FANTASTIC weekend. I'm slow moving today. But, I shall power through. Oh and I have one picture from this weekend and it's on my phone. That's right, I was too inebriated to even get out my camera. Here it is....

We attempted to play Partini on Friday night. Jank is acting out crocodile hunter. He's moving his arms so fast that they are transparent. This game was a disaster so we thought Trivial Pursuit was a good option. Jank and I were killing all of the regular questions but couldn't get a pie piece if our lives depended on it. 

Dear Cleveland,
I'll be back in August. I have a feeling it will get sloppy but I'm prepared this time. You will not win again. 

Well Dolls, I hope your weekend was as eventful as mine!



  1. I have a great flip cup + alcohol = disaster story for you. It was my roommates bday and her one request was that I get sloppy drunk. I would drink but never really got super wasted in college. I, like you, REFUSE to drink beer, NASTINESS! So I decided it would be a good idea to play flip cup with absolute and OJ. an hour late I was walking around screaming that some a-hole drank all my vodka...then someone pointed out that I was that a-hole! I ended up stumbling back to our apt, emptying the bathroom trash can onto the floor, opening up the pull out sofa and passing out with a death drip on that trash can. I have no recollection of the walk home, dumping the trash or pulling out the sofa. That was the 1st and last time I ever played flip cup.

  2. That is the BEST STORY EVER!! I love it! I went thru 2 drinks in no time. I was a sloppy/sticky mess! I don't see myself playing much flip cup in the future. It can't end well!