Slumber Parties!

I'm having a slumber party with my bestie this week! So far it has been fabulous. Sunday night we watched Black Swan with 2 of our other girlfriends. I saw the movie in December but the other 3 had not. It was entertaining watching their facial expressions and the comments they were making. We all agree that Natalie totally deserved the Oscar. She did an amazing job of portraying a girl that lost her f'ing mind!! I think we were a little wired from the movie because neither one of us could fall asleep. We were both running on less than 5 hours yesterday. Not ideal! But, we pulled through.

Last night we had Mexican for dinner and then had to attend a dreaded alumni meeting. Is it June 18th yet?? I'm so over this thing. I don't even want to go anymore that's how over it I am. But, the end is in sight!

Wednesday she is meeting me after work for shopping, dinner and Sbux (of course - it's kind of our thing)! We love our girl time!

Jenn's husband is out of town so we take full advantage of the situation and turn it into a week long slumber party. I don't care how old I am, I still LOVE hanging out with my girfriends in my pajamas and talking for hours!

Do you and your gf's still have slumber parties? I HOPE so!!!


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