Shopping Extravaganza!!

Jenn and I did some serious shopping last week. Then, I happened to stop at the mall again yesterday after doing some bridesmaid dress shopping. So, I have several new things but I needed some girly spring dresses/skirts. Here we go ladies. I'm going to try to link everything but I don't know how successful I'll be!

I couldn't find this online but it's from Forever 21. It's super comfortable and I wore it with the grey/white tank you'll see later and a kelly green cardigan. 

Also F21 (the majority of it is...what can I say, I loved everything in the store.) and I couldn't find it online either. 

Again, F21 and not listed online...ugh! I bought this to go with the lace skirt. But, after buying the tanks below I had to wear one of them with it.

I need to thank Veronika at Veronika's Blushing for finding these little gems! After seeing her post I knew I needed at least one! I'm in LOVE. They're from Target. Jenn got one too.

I loved this print but then I felt I needed the teal too...so I bought both. I wore this with the the lace skirt. It was a hit!

I actually found one on F21's website! Long dresses never fit me and I've been dying for a maxi dress. I finally found one that works. Only because it's supposed to hit mid-shin. But, I do not care!!!

Zoomed in on the print and the top ruffle of the dress.

This was a last minute purchase. After spending a lot of time in the dressing room, I found this and purchased it without trying it on. It's kind of see through. So, I went back and bought a super long tank to wear under it. Problem solved! 

I love the pocket detail. Oh and it feels like a soft t-shirt.

I wore this to work last week also. I'll post a pic of the OOTD later this week. I absolutely adore this dress!

As if I needed another cream skirt? Oh well! I felt that I needed it. Isn't the button on the hip cute? 

This didn't photograph well. It's pale pink and looks fantastic with the cream skirt above. I can't wait to wear it!

Ok Ladies, that's all for now! I didn't include the pics of the plain tanks I purchased. That's just boring, right? I'll include my Sephora purchases later this week. There is also a new nail polish I can't wait to share! I hope you all had a great weekend!


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