Yesterday was not a great Monday.

Let's start from the beginning. I woke up on time and felt great. I was on schedule to actually get to work early. I haven't done that in weeks. I'm usually rolling in right on time.
I turned my flat iron on like I do every morning then proceeded to wash my face and put in my contacts. Then, I get ready to straighten my hair. (It was a HOT MESS...for real. It was curling up every where. There were parts plastered to my head. To say I had bed head would be an understatement.) I section my hair off to start the straightening process. I did ONE PIECE and sat the flat iron down. I heard a noise and I looked down and there was blue rubber thing in my sink. I said...WTF?? I look over and there is a piece of my flat iron on the counter. So, I pick it up and the ENTIRE top plate falls off. It is only attached by the wires. O.M.G. Turns out those rubber things hold the plates on. There were multiple cracks. This is not good.

These are my thoughts: MY HAIR IS A MESS! (All caps are necessary b/c I think I yelled that.) I'm so going to be late for work. Do I have a spare flat iron laying around somewhere? Yes...yes, I think I do...oh god, it's huge. I know it is.

I did in fact find a very old flat iron. It was 2 inches wide. I use a 1 inch considering my hair is so short in the back. The 2 incher was definitely wider than my hair is long. Let's just say there was a lot of swearing and I'm lucky I'm not covered in burns. It was a rough morning. So, I made a trip to Ulta after work and bought this beauty. (It was $50 off and I just happened to have a catalog with a 20% off coupon. I found an upside to this fiasco.)

In the midst of all of the chaos, I forgot to put on deodorant and perfume. I realized this on my way to work. Thankfully, I have some in my office for this particular reason. The deodorant broke when I opened it. I had to shove it back together so I could use it.

I should have taken the flat iron fiasco as a sign and gone back to bed. I would have spared myself an incredibly long and clumsy day. I'm hoping my week only gets better!


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