I had every intention to write about the Royal Wedding today. I have so many thoughts! But, I woke up this morning to hear the news that everyone is talking about. We finally have justice for all of those lives that were lost on September 11th. As I've said before, the military is in my blood. For all of my family and friends that have fought this war on terror...THANK YOU! My sister's friend recently lost her husband while he was serving in Afghanistan. It was horrible and tragic but I thank him for paying the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm sure like anyone else today, you're remembering where you were when you heard the news on 9/11/01. It was my first full week of classes at OU. I was a scared little Freshman and I actually found out in my Political Science 101 class. Our professor had no idea and we couldn't get our tv to work in Bentley Hall because of the renovations they were doing. So, he dismissed us. Our classes weren't officially canceled that day but all of my professors canceled them. I'll never forget that feeling and sitting in my dorm room with my three roommates and some of the girls down the hall watching all of the footage. My parents had plans to go to Wright Patt Air Force base that day. My dad needed to renew his military ID, etc. They clearly were not thinking straight and decided to drive over there after seeing the first tower fall. As they were approaching base, my dad looked at my mom and said, "What are we doing?? There is no way in hell we are getting on base right now." They drove past base to find the gates were being guarded by soldiers with VERY large weapons. My dad could tell you exactly what guns they were. He could also tell you the type of plane that flew over our house a few hours later. It broke the sound barrier and my grandma thought we were being bombed! She called my mom totally freaking out.

As I was listening to the radio this morning, I totally expected to hear this song.

Tomorrow...I'll discuss the Royal Wedding.



  1. I was in home economics class as a junior in high school. My teacher thought it was the Rapture and was freaking out.

    I was at my friends Katie and Matt's house when the sonic boom happened. The local news started reporting that the VA had been bombed because there was a brush fire nearby. It was really scary!

  2. My dad was standing outside and actually saw the numbers painted on the plane that's how low it was.