OOTD and some other thoughts...

This really isn't the OOTD becuase I wore it last week but still...I had to show you this adorable outfit! Ignore the poor quality iPhone photos. I was snapping them before work while staying at Jenn's. It was definitely rushed!

Dress: Forever 21
Cardi: borrowed from Jenn (I think it's F21 too)
Belt: came with the dress
Shoes: Not pictured but I wore these

On to my other thoughts. My friend Jenn and I are obsessed with missing person cases, CNN, Nancy Grace, trials...you get the point. We have been following the Casey Anthony case from the beginning. The trial started yesterday. I got a text from Jenn because she was live streaming it on her computer (I told you, we're so intrigued by it.) At that same moment I was reading about the opening statements on CNN.

This obsession might seem strange. But, I just can't understand why someone would hurt a child (or any person or animal). So, I HAVE to watch it pan out. I can't turn away from it. For the next several weeks I'll be checking in daily to find out what happened in the court room. I think we may have been crime scene investigators or something in a previous life!

Are any of you following the Casey Anthony trial? Or any trials for that matter?? Is there another one I should be glued to as well?!

We'll came back to this in a few weeks!


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  1. If, like me, you're inexplicably fascinated by things like this, I suggest you do a Wiki search for Darlie Routier. She is on death row in Texas for murdering her two young sons, but a woman who wrote a tell-all book condemning her is now saying she believes Darlie is innocent. Personally, I think she did it, but it's a very interesting (albeit sad) story.