Online Shopping!

I did some online shopping last week. Forever 21 was having a sale. I love to buy my dresses at F21. I have trouble finding things that fit me properly. I typically don't have a problem there. Plus, if I feel like buying something trendy that may or may not be in style 6 months from now, I can buy it there and not spend a lot of money on it. If I only wear it a few times, I don't feel guilty about it. I was hoping to find everything on the website to show you but of course I bought it on sale and now none of it is on the website anymore. Hopefully, they re-list some of it.

This dress is very Rachel Berry. Which might be why I love it so much. I'm dying to wear it without tights and my newest pair of heels. But, the weather isn't cooperating. So, we'll see what happens! P.S. this dress has pockets!

This is my navy blue "grandpa" sweater. It actually looks adorable over my new dress. Plus, it's super soft and comfortable.

I could not get this color to photograph properly. It's coral but it kept coming out orange or pink. I wore it to work on Monday with a dark gray top, kelly green cardi, cream tights and my black booties. It was adorbs! Plus, it has pockets...hello, how great is that?? I love any skirt or dress with pockets!

I searched up, down and all over for a black romper last year to wear out for my birthday. I was unsuccessful, so when I saw this I knew I HAD to have it. Plus, it was only $8.80. PERFECT! There are a few other rompers I have my eye on so stay tuned on that one!

I needed to hit the $50 free shipping limit so I got this great necklace. It's long enough that I can double it up but I can wear it long too. That rarely happens for me!

Zoomed in so you could see the details of the necklace.

Have any of you found great deals lately? I'm a thrifty shopper so I love a great deal! The week is half over...woohoo!!!


P.S. The GHHS banquet was last night. It was a big success and I'm glad it's over. I got several compliments so overall I feel great about it!!


  1. Love the first dress!!
    Def my kinda style, post pics when you wear it =)



  2. Anya, I love it too! I'm dying to wear it but the Ohio weather is not cooperating. I will def post pics when I do!

  3. My respect meter went through the roof yesterday with the use of "amazeballs".

    It went right back down with the use of "adorbs".

    You're neutral now.

  4. I'll make sure that my slang word choice is up to par for the next post.

  5. I can't tell if that was sarcastic...