Name That Tune

I spent EVERY Tuesday night (except for the Last of the Mohicans boycott) of my Senior year at BW3's. And it wasn't for the wings special. It was all for a little game called Name That Tune (NTT - because I know I'll get sick of typing Name That Tune). The majority of my friends were in the Pre-Law Fraternity Phi Alpha Delta (PAD). The PAD kids would come to BW's after chapter and Team Hurlbutt would prepare for domination. Seriously, we won A LOT. We were a force to be reckon with. Honestly, some of my best memories of college took place on Tuesday nights. I heard one of the radio stations playing Name That Tune the other day and I got incredibly nostalgic. I just started thinking back to all of the good times we had. The nights I would bring my Psych notes to a bar so I could study in between rounds, because god forbid I would miss a night. I thought I would share some pics of our NTT nights. I tried to keep it appropriate because we all know it got 12 kinds of weird/inappropriate at times. (ahem...banana eating contest...)

Sending Nick in for the win. As you can see, this girl has no clue!

This is one of my favorite pictures. The beer bottle background was not planned. 

Love this picture. My hair was so long and the curls were actually cooperating. I told you I had really curly hair!

Test Tube Shots were always a big hit.

Of course..

Now if you're ready...Name Me This Tune.

NTT consisted of 3 rounds (70's or Country Music; TV or Movie Themes; and 80's, 90's and Today) and 1 ten question rapid round. The winners won bar bucks. So, we always bought a round for the entire team. You could bribe the MC LaRiche with shots but Hurlbutt would always pull out the win. To this day, I can identify the song Livin On A Prayer after the first beat. And everytime I hear it, I picture Ortiz slapping the ground and putting his fist to his mouth, ready to be the first hand in the air for the rapid round.

I wish I could find pics of Brenna singing Sweet Caroline and Jill dancing to Bye Bye Bye on the stage! I know they exist so maybe that will be something for a later post. Just want to say I'm missing my Bobcats and we need another reunion this summer. Who wants to find LaRiche so we can relive our glory days?!?

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