My doctor once called me a spitfire...

On Monday, the chair of my department called me mighty mouse. He was complimenting me on the banquet and said, "You're a mighty mouse!" It made me laugh. I then thought about the time my doctor called me a spitfire.

I worked for a family med doctor for 4 years before starting my current job. The perks of working for a doctor, free treatment! I've been at my job for a year and I still go to Dr. K because he works around my schedule! When I got really sick on the fall he was so helpful. He decided to send me to an Internal Medicine doctor. I used to refer patients to this man ALL OF THE TIME. I had been miserable for a couple of weeks before I saw him. I was annoyed and totally fed up. Being that sick made me so grumpy. I basically told the man to figure it out and fix it. I was done! He started laughing at me and said, "You're a spitfire, aren't you?" My response, "umm....I guess so?!?!"

I found out weeks later, that he put that in his dictation! So, the letter my doctor received said something like this, "I saw Lindsey on _____ she had complaints of _______ and she is a bit of a spitfire." Really?!? Is this real life? I mean I think I'm dying because I was seriously that sick and he writes that in a letter that is now scanned into my medical file? I guess he enjoyed messing with me since I had been dealing with the man and his incredibly detailed referral instructions for four years. However, he did "fix it" and I'm feeling much better now.

That's my random thought for Wednesday!



  1. So this has nothing to do with this post but I wanted to make sure you saw it...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit that you posted! Those boots are so adorable with that dress! I need fashion inspiration like this so puhlease keep the fashion posts coming!

  2. Those boots are my favorite purchase of all time. I'm trying to find a way to make them acceptable for summer because I just don't want to put them away! They're incredibly comfortable too. I'll find them online and send you the link. I got them on sale but I know they are still out there somewhere!

    I always have intentions of posting my outfits but I end up coming home and changing into sweats almost immediately. I'll be sure to start taking more pics!