Friday Favorites!

Well Ladies it's been another insanely long week but it's Friday and I it's a 3 day weekend! I might be tempted to do cartwheels down the hallway on my way out of here today. But, that is a big MIGHT. 1. because I haven't done a cartwheel in years. 2. I work with psychiatrists...they might pink slip me for that kind of crazy behavior.  On to my favorites...

I ended up not getting the Michael Kors fragrance I mentioned. I went with the Escada Taj Sunset instead. It's EXACTLY what I wanted for the summer. It's kind of fruity which I love!

This steamer is AMAZING. No joke. Jenn bought one after I told her about it. Only $70 at Kohl's. I think my mom had a coupon or Kohl's cash. Whatever. She got it cheaper than the listed price. I get my thriftiness from her!

This is the polish I tried to show you yesterday in a pretty poor looking picture. One of my new Spring staples, Essie's Nice is Nice. Since I change my nail color regularly, I need several colors for each season to pick from!

Ladies, have a FAB Memorial Day weekend. Mine will be full of picnics, parades (dad gets to march and fire his gun), a graduation and hopefully a little time to relax!


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