Friday Favorites!

I know I've probably said this before but this has been the longest week of my life. Not kidding! On Wednesday, I could have sworn it was Friday. So, I couldn't be happier to finally be doing my Friday Favorites. I plan to do a shopping post next week. I might have to do it in 2 installments...let's just say it was a successful trip to the mall!

We got back to Jenn's and dumped our bags. Then, we proceeded to play dress up in her living room. It was a fabulous Wednesday night!

I finally got this installed at work this week! I'm a happy girl!! I've wanted a Mac for a while but I never dreamed I would get a 27 inch screen. Seriously, this will make my job so much easier. Actually being able to view documents side by side will be AWESOME! (Notice the Starbucks to the right...I've had it 3 times this week on top of my normal morning Keurig coffee. Like I said, it's been a LONG week.)

I plan to buy this new Michael Kors fragrance for Summer. It's called Palm Beach. They had it at Sephora and I fell in love. I have been searching for a new Summer scent and I think this will do it!

Ok Ladies, that's all I have! I'm so ready for the weekend to start...is it 5 pm yet? I hope you enjoy yourselves and get ready for shopping overload on Monday!


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