Friday Favorites

IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Which means I'm getting ready for a night out with some good people. We're going to start off with some of these...

I'll have to have one of these...

This is a Pain in the Ass...A Florida Keys tradition. We have deemed it the official drink of my cousin's wedding. She is getting married in Key West after all. So, we like to hit up Adobe's occasionally for a Pain in the Ass and a few margs. We call it wedding planning time. Maybe that's just an excuse to have tropical drinks while living in gloomy Ohio.

I will inevitably stop by here...

I mean, it is just down the street from Adobe's...how can I not stop by for some new bronzer, or nail polish or perhaps some new moisturizer? The choices are endless!

Ok, so this Friday Favorites was a little bit different. No new products to share. But, these are some of my favorite things. I'm sure I'll have some new stuff next week after a stop at Sephora. Who knows I could end up on a full blown shopping extravaganza...today is pay day after all and The Greene never seems to disappoint me when I go!

Have a great weekend Ladies! Show your Momma's some love on Sunday!


P.S. Sorry for the weird spacing. It wasn't cooperating and I was in no mood to deal with it!

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