The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Here is my Royal Wedding recap in three words...I LOVED IT!

I loved Kate's (or should I say Catherine's?) dress. I know some people hoped for something more. Bigger, More extravagant, etc. But, I felt like it was very her. Clean, Sophisticated, Gorgeous. It had it's modern twists (the deep V neck). It was very Grace Kelly and I know the dress will stand the test of time. 50 years from now, we will still find her dress gorgeous. Diana had the big, grand gown but we look back at it with the sleeves and wonder...why? I don't think we will have the same reaction to Kate. Her second gown just might be my favorite. She looked like she was floating in it. AHH...I just adore it.


This is what I envision myself in someday!

I cannot forget Pippa. 1. I love her. She is adorable and the white dress was fab. 2. I think Harry needs to marry her. (Side Note: Who else loved when Harry turned around to sneak a peek at Kate walking down the aisle? Then, he said to Wills "wait until you see her"...AHH, probably one of my favorite moments!

 Pippa looking amazeballs in Green. 
The double kiss made my day! They both seemed so happy. Truly overwhelmed by all of the people that were standing outside of Buckingham Palace. You could tell William couldn't wait to kiss his new bride. We had a little theory at our watch party. While signing the registry, all of the family except William, Kate, Harry and Pippa came out. In our minds, Harry held the door so Wills could kiss her. Who knows if it really happened but we kind of hope it did!

We have to discuss the hats. I bet I can guess the first one that pops into your mind (ahem...Beatrice)! Princess Beatrice wanted to make sure she was noticed. I don't really blame her. If you're sitting in the second row you need to make a statement! 

I'm sorry, but Princess Eugenie...your skirt is hideous. Seriously, what is happening there? I might be able to get past your hat but that dress is not flattering. 

Joss Stone totally rocked it. Eugenie...take note. This color is gorgeous!

I adore the Beckham's...I really really do. But, Victoria...I hate it. I know you're pregnant but I'm sure that bump is adorable. I expected a little color and the hat wasn't my favorite. However, your husband nailed it!

Well there's my recap! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Our mimosas and snacks were quite enjoyable also!


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