The Countdown Is On Little Monsters

I'm proud to call myself a Little Monster. I love ALL THINGS GAGA! If you plan to leave an anti-gaga comment. Don't bother. I WILL delete it! She's crazy and controversial and shows up to award shows in an egg. If you don't get her...then you just think she has lost her damn mind. But, I attended the Monster Ball tour in Indy last year for my birthday. Let me say this, it was the best show I have ever been to. I wouldn't call it a concert. The woman puts on a show. Her performance from beginning to end was amazing. I have an album on FB dedicated to it. The costume changes alone were phenomenal.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 Exhibit C:

 Exhibit D:

(My pic of her fire shooting bra is a bit blurry. I do have a pretty good one of the disco stick though!)

Born This Way is almost here. MAY 23RD!! I CANNOT WAIT! I have been waiting for this album since I heard You and I live in July. Don't think Jenn and I won't be at Walmart at Midnight buying the thing. It will almost certainly happen. I rarely buy cd's. I download on iTunes. But, this is different. IT'S GAGA!!

Are there any other Little Monsters out there? Don't be ashamed to admit it. I'm not!!



  1. I do believe my tongue is bleeding from biting it so hard.

  2. No negative comments Megan! Do I say anything when you take off work to play World of Warcraft??

  3. I went to her concert when I was eight months pregnant, haha! I had lodge seats so I didn't have to worry about getting trampled by all the crazy Gaga fans. It was an amazing show! I like her before but I'm obsessed now! I hope she comes to town again because I will so be at that concert!

  4. Stacie I love that little Parker is already exposed to Gaga!! I'm already looking forward to the Born This Way tour too. I CANNOT wait. My friend Jenn and I love her. Jenn's daughter Addy can sing part of Bad Romance...she's 2. If there is a concert in between us, we should go together!