OOTD and Weekend Pics

OOTD from Friday...

Sweater: Forever 21
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Bracelets: Banana Republic
Watch: Anne Klein

My dad and his fellow 1487th National Guard unit guys have been marching in the Gratis, Ohio Memorial Day parade for nearly 30 years. Every year, we go watch the parade and then go to a picnic. My dad served in Desert Storm with most of the guys he is marching with.

There's dad...pulling up the rear!

This is the long part of the ceremony. We couldn't hear the speaker...AT ALL. So, they're lucky the guns were fired at the appropriate time!

Later that evening...my cousins graduated. (It was 90 degrees and we were outside nearly the entire day. I was EXHAUSTED!)

Alec Jay...following the tradition. We have another BOBCAT in the family!!!

Samantha Jo, so proud of her!



Memorial Day

I have pictures from the Memorial Day parade to post but you'll have to wait until later this week. It's too nice outside to be dealing with uploading photos right now! I just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day. Remember why we all have this day off today and thank the men and women that have served or are currently serving our country.

I personally want to thank my dad, Nik, Nick, Shawn, Brad, Nate, Gary, Steve, Brian, Charlie, Phil and Jason.

Enjoy your holiday Ladies!!



Friday Favorites!

Well Ladies it's been another insanely long week but it's Friday and I it's a 3 day weekend! I might be tempted to do cartwheels down the hallway on my way out of here today. But, that is a big MIGHT. 1. because I haven't done a cartwheel in years. 2. I work with psychiatrists...they might pink slip me for that kind of crazy behavior.  On to my favorites...

I ended up not getting the Michael Kors fragrance I mentioned. I went with the Escada Taj Sunset instead. It's EXACTLY what I wanted for the summer. It's kind of fruity which I love!

This steamer is AMAZING. No joke. Jenn bought one after I told her about it. Only $70 at Kohl's. I think my mom had a coupon or Kohl's cash. Whatever. She got it cheaper than the listed price. I get my thriftiness from her!

This is the polish I tried to show you yesterday in a pretty poor looking picture. One of my new Spring staples, Essie's Nice is Nice. Since I change my nail color regularly, I need several colors for each season to pick from!

Ladies, have a FAB Memorial Day weekend. Mine will be full of picnics, parades (dad gets to march and fire his gun), a graduation and hopefully a little time to relax!



OOTD and Essie

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday. My fave new nail polish makes a cameo in the last pic.

I had to crop my stack of laundry out of the picture. I was also rushing due to the fact that tornado sirens were going off!

This is a little blurry. I wanted you to see the cute zippers on my pants. 

Top: Forever 21
Pants: New York and Company last season.
Shoes: Gianni Bini Emery Flats

I could have gotten a better pic of the nail polish. But, again...there were tornado warnings! Apparently, there was tennis ball sized hail spotted in Dayton. O.M.G!

The nail polish is Essie Nice is Nice. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The shoes were a Dillard's sale last season. $15...how fantastic is that?!? I'm not sure if you can find them online. But, they are unbelievably comfortable and I love the zipper detail around the edges.


OOTD and some other thoughts...

This really isn't the OOTD becuase I wore it last week but still...I had to show you this adorable outfit! Ignore the poor quality iPhone photos. I was snapping them before work while staying at Jenn's. It was definitely rushed!

Dress: Forever 21
Cardi: borrowed from Jenn (I think it's F21 too)
Belt: came with the dress
Shoes: Not pictured but I wore these

On to my other thoughts. My friend Jenn and I are obsessed with missing person cases, CNN, Nancy Grace, trials...you get the point. We have been following the Casey Anthony case from the beginning. The trial started yesterday. I got a text from Jenn because she was live streaming it on her computer (I told you, we're so intrigued by it.) At that same moment I was reading about the opening statements on CNN.

This obsession might seem strange. But, I just can't understand why someone would hurt a child (or any person or animal). So, I HAVE to watch it pan out. I can't turn away from it. For the next several weeks I'll be checking in daily to find out what happened in the court room. I think we may have been crime scene investigators or something in a previous life!

Are any of you following the Casey Anthony trial? Or any trials for that matter?? Is there another one I should be glued to as well?!

We'll came back to this in a few weeks!



This is not working for me.

I bought new lipgloss this weekend. I was going to wait to mention it on my Friday Favorites because I adore it. It's the best gloss I've had in ages. Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Barely Legal. Of course, it was purchased at Sephora. Here's the deal. The brush is totally F'ED UP! Not ok Ladies, not ok. It's nearly impossible to apply without getting it all over my face. Ugh! Please, see for yourself! (I think it looks worse in person.)

I would like to thank the one and only Pink Lou Lou for turning me on to this fab product! I've decided to go back to Sephora today so I can return this. I mean the girls at Sephora have to understand my annoyance, right?!?! How does one put up with something like this! I didn't pay $19 for an f'ed up lip gloss brush. Thank you very much! I also sent the lovely folks at Too Faced a message. I feel like they should know when their products are defective. Maybe, I'll even get something free out of it! But, that's not why I did it. I think they make great products, I have mentioned several of them on here and here. If I were a new customer I would be P O'd by this but I have no doubt it was a fluke!

So, here's to hoping I get a new lip gloss tonight and you better believe I'll be checking the thing before I leave the store!


P.S. Who bought Born This Way yesterday?? AHH!! Holy shit balls Gaga! I love you!! I will be rocking out to it during my work commute all week.


Shopping Extravaganza!!

Jenn and I did some serious shopping last week. Then, I happened to stop at the mall again yesterday after doing some bridesmaid dress shopping. So, I have several new things but I needed some girly spring dresses/skirts. Here we go ladies. I'm going to try to link everything but I don't know how successful I'll be!

I couldn't find this online but it's from Forever 21. It's super comfortable and I wore it with the grey/white tank you'll see later and a kelly green cardigan. 

Also F21 (the majority of it is...what can I say, I loved everything in the store.) and I couldn't find it online either. 

Again, F21 and not listed online...ugh! I bought this to go with the lace skirt. But, after buying the tanks below I had to wear one of them with it.

I need to thank Veronika at Veronika's Blushing for finding these little gems! After seeing her post I knew I needed at least one! I'm in LOVE. They're from Target. Jenn got one too.

I loved this print but then I felt I needed the teal too...so I bought both. I wore this with the the lace skirt. It was a hit!

I actually found one on F21's website! Long dresses never fit me and I've been dying for a maxi dress. I finally found one that works. Only because it's supposed to hit mid-shin. But, I do not care!!!

Zoomed in on the print and the top ruffle of the dress.

This was a last minute purchase. After spending a lot of time in the dressing room, I found this and purchased it without trying it on. It's kind of see through. So, I went back and bought a super long tank to wear under it. Problem solved! 

I love the pocket detail. Oh and it feels like a soft t-shirt.

I wore this to work last week also. I'll post a pic of the OOTD later this week. I absolutely adore this dress!

As if I needed another cream skirt? Oh well! I felt that I needed it. Isn't the button on the hip cute? 

This didn't photograph well. It's pale pink and looks fantastic with the cream skirt above. I can't wait to wear it!

Ok Ladies, that's all for now! I didn't include the pics of the plain tanks I purchased. That's just boring, right? I'll include my Sephora purchases later this week. There is also a new nail polish I can't wait to share! I hope you all had a great weekend!



Friday Favorites!

I know I've probably said this before but this has been the longest week of my life. Not kidding! On Wednesday, I could have sworn it was Friday. So, I couldn't be happier to finally be doing my Friday Favorites. I plan to do a shopping post next week. I might have to do it in 2 installments...let's just say it was a successful trip to the mall!

We got back to Jenn's and dumped our bags. Then, we proceeded to play dress up in her living room. It was a fabulous Wednesday night!

I finally got this installed at work this week! I'm a happy girl!! I've wanted a Mac for a while but I never dreamed I would get a 27 inch screen. Seriously, this will make my job so much easier. Actually being able to view documents side by side will be AWESOME! (Notice the Starbucks to the right...I've had it 3 times this week on top of my normal morning Keurig coffee. Like I said, it's been a LONG week.)

I plan to buy this new Michael Kors fragrance for Summer. It's called Palm Beach. They had it at Sephora and I fell in love. I have been searching for a new Summer scent and I think this will do it!

Ok Ladies, that's all I have! I'm so ready for the weekend to start...is it 5 pm yet? I hope you enjoy yourselves and get ready for shopping overload on Monday!



The Countdown Is On Little Monsters

I'm proud to call myself a Little Monster. I love ALL THINGS GAGA! If you plan to leave an anti-gaga comment. Don't bother. I WILL delete it! She's crazy and controversial and shows up to award shows in an egg. If you don't get her...then you just think she has lost her damn mind. But, I attended the Monster Ball tour in Indy last year for my birthday. Let me say this, it was the best show I have ever been to. I wouldn't call it a concert. The woman puts on a show. Her performance from beginning to end was amazing. I have an album on FB dedicated to it. The costume changes alone were phenomenal.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 Exhibit C:

 Exhibit D:

(My pic of her fire shooting bra is a bit blurry. I do have a pretty good one of the disco stick though!)

Born This Way is almost here. MAY 23RD!! I CANNOT WAIT! I have been waiting for this album since I heard You and I live in July. Don't think Jenn and I won't be at Walmart at Midnight buying the thing. It will almost certainly happen. I rarely buy cd's. I download on iTunes. But, this is different. IT'S GAGA!!

Are there any other Little Monsters out there? Don't be ashamed to admit it. I'm not!!




Graduation season is upon us. Brother graduated from Miami a few weeks ago. However, he chose not to walk. I'm actually surprised my parents didn't force him to do it. It did take him 6 yrs to make it happen. (That's not an exaggeration. SIX YEARS.) He changed his major a few times so that was the major culprit but still we didn't watch him walk across the stage. Miami is like OU in that they don't give you your diploma on graduation day, it comes in the mail. So, he has yet to see it in writing.

Sister graduates for OU in a few short weeks. It's crazy. I remember going to her Freshman orientation with her.

My mom is creating a graduation announcement for the both of them. Which means we get to look thru old photos and LAUGH. I thought I'd share a few of them I have already scanned.

If one picture defined my brother's childhood, it would be this one. Sitting on a basketball watching sports or E.T.

Sister is wearing her FAVORITE outfit. The pants look like a pack of lifesavers.

My sister had hair "issues" around the age of 2. This was the growing out portion of her life. She is snuggling with our precious boy...Smokie.

My poor father!! He had just returned from either Desert Storm or Summer Camp. Not sure which but we were clearly excited to have him home.

Lovin on my baby bro!

This KILLS me! He looks like a such a little old man. This is by far my dad's favorite pic of Ty Ty.

There are so many others that I would love to share. But, I'll try not to embarrass them too much! Here we are at the beach a few years ago. All grown up!!

Happy Wednesday Ladies! I'm looking forward to shopping tonight with the bestie. I'm sure there will be some great things to post later!