A little background info. Two of my cousins on my mom's side of the family have twin girls. That's right 4 girls. They are two months apart. It's CRAZY. My cousin Brad has the younger set (Lilly and Makayla). He is in the Navy and lives in Washington state. We haven't seen his family in a year and a half. He is currently home for about 3 weeks so we saw them for the first time yesterday. My cousin Drew has the older set of girls (Reagan and Tristan) they have an older brother Tyson. He goes by Ty which is what we call my brother as well because his name is Tyler. Are you keeping up? I know it's a lot of info! The girls were all reunited and it went well. Prepare yourselves for photo overload. But, I need you to see the first photo session after Brad's girls were born and then there are pics from yesterday as well. Enjoy!

Lilly and Makayla

Reagan and Tristan

Reagan, Makayla, Lilly and Tristan

Tyson with all of the girls



The first meeting...

Tristan and Makayla hugging

Lilly, Reagan, Makayla and Tristan (notice the dress up - it was the first thing they did!)

Tristan and Lilly look like they are gossiping in the corner. How adorable is this?

Ty and Ty or for those that don't know which is which...Tyson and Tyler. 

How awesome is this pic of Brother and the girls?

Ok...I told you it was a lot of pictures but how cute are the girls? They all got along so well. It was awesome. Sister is coming home this weekend so we're having another family gathering. I can't wait! By the way, before the older girls were born I was not aware that twins ran in my family. Then, came set #2. To say I'm terrified to have children is an understatement. Everyone that has children on my mom's side of the family has twins. The odds are terrifying!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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