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Today is a tough day. Sister's boyfriend is deploying today. I know she is a mess...I just wish I could be there with her. There being Clarksville, TN. But, I'm feeling a little more at ease knowing that Jes (Nik's sister in law) is there with her. She is staying with her tonight so she isn't alone. Nik's brother is also in the military so Jes has been through this. Thankfully, I get to see my sister in a couple of weeks!! Say a prayer for Nik and Lauren today. I know it's going to be tough on them.

In other news, who watched the ACM's last night? A few things...I need to know what lipstick Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert were wearing last night. I loved them both! I'm going to tweet Taylor later...let's see if I get a response! Carrie Underwood can do no wrong. She looked stunning. I thought the performances were great. I fell asleep around 10:30 so I missed the end. But, Darius Rucker won my heart with his performance. He couldn't have been happier to be singing with the ACM Lifting Lives campers. That was such a highlight for them.

Seriously ladies, what are you wearing?? I adore it!

Carrie...I want my legs to look like yours!

You know I have to post about the NCAA Championship. The big game is tonight. I'm so happy for Butler. Matt Howard's hometown is about 30 miles from me. So, I'm pulling for him and the rest of the Bulldogs. I wanted them to beat Duke last year and it didn't happen. Hopefully, this year they can cut down the nets in Houston. I love their coach and the fact that he looks like he should be a student.

(I might have to take a nap after work so I can stay awake for the game...why must it start at 9 pm??)

Happy Monday Everyone!

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