Sometimes it helps to just write things down.

Do you ever feel like your week is so crazy that you don't know when you'll have time to eat? That's the kind of week I'm having. I had to reheat my coffee TWICE yesterday and still didn't finish it. I was eating a yogurt for an hour and a half. I'm not even kidding. I'm surprised I remembered to go to the bathroom. I didn't eat lunch until 2. It's insane! It was crazy anyway then we found out that our business manager resigned and Friday was her last day. So, basically everyone is trying to figure out what needs to get done. We've all come together to help resolve the situation but it's just one more thing to distract me.

This banquet is killing me. I just want things done. I could be finished if other people weren't dragging their feet. I'm crossing things off my list every day! All I want is a guest list and who is speaking when so I can get the program submitted but once again people aren't as concerned as I am. IT'S OFFICIALLY 2 WEEKS AWAY. Let's get this done people!!

Today is written exam day. Which basically means I get to sit in the classroom reading a book while the students watch a video and then write for 90 minutes. Typically, I don't mind this day because I get to read a good book and I get paid for it. Today is different. Today I could be doing important things. Friday is NBME day. It's pretty much the same thing. But, I go to campus and sit in a computer lab. They take an individual exam for 2 1/2 hours. Then, we have a lunch break and they take the exam again in 2 teams. It's a VERY LONG day. But, again...I get paid to read a book. However, I have this huge banquet hanging over my head.

In a nutshell...I'm stressed. I'm trying to keep myself calm. There is really only so much one person can do in this kind of situation. So, I keep telling myself to breathe. It's going to work itself out. Everyone keeps telling me I'm doing such a great job. Yeah, but what if the food is wrong? What if we don't have certificates and pins for the students, what if the programs don't get finished in time and what if our speakers don't show up? These are things I'm thinking about. Because who will hold the blame if any of those things happen...THAT WOULD BE ME! Ahh!!

The only good thing...my boss is on vacation. Which means no new projects will pop up this week. I can focus on just the one major thing. I have a coordinators meeting on Thursday which pretty much takes up my entire day. Thankfully, I got all of my stuff prepared weeks ago so I don't have that to worry about. See I can find the bright side!

Sorry to complain but as the title says...sometimes it helps to write things down. I hope your week is not as hectic!!


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