I got a letter in the mail that a part for my car had been recalled. Last week I needed an oil change so I asked my dealership to check to see if the part needed to be replaced...it did. But, they had to order it. Typically, I just borrow my grandparent's spare car when I'm getting an oil change, etc. Well, I didn't want to ask for their car again so I told the dealership I would need one of their loaner cars. (Side Note: I'm 4'11" so I can't just drive any car. I bought my Vibe because of the lovely level dash board and the fact that I can see perfectly without the help of a pillow or the awesome phone book my best friend bought me when I turned 16.)

I got to the dealership last night after work and the man that sold me my car took me around back to the loaner. It's a Pontiac Sunfire. Which is fine...until I got inside. The seat does NOT lift up (big problem). So, I'm attempting to maneuver the seat and thinking, how am I supposed to drive this all the way to work tomorrow?? Also, it smells like someone smoked a cigar in there which resulted in me sneezing the entire drive home.

So, this morning I had to find a proper sized pillow to sit on. Lovely. I can get past the fact that it doesn't have power locks/windows, no remote lock or that you have to turn the radio off when you get out because it doesn't turn off with the car. But, the inability to see and having more blind spots than you could ever imagine is difficult. Thankfully, I get my car back tonight.

Until someone is as short as me, they cannot truly understand how horrible this is. I had the most miserable commute today. Lesson learned, from now on I will just borrow my grandparent's car. This is absurd!

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