Friday Favorites

It's time for my Friday Favorites!

I've had this product for weeks but just keep forgetting to add it to my Friday Favorites! I'm obsessed! I used to use a white eye shadow in the corners of my eyes but I felt that it was a bit harsh at times. The pink tint of the Benefit Eye Bright pencil is much more natural. Just a side note, I actually bought this one on ebay. Yesterday, I found Benefit Erase Paste (you can read more about that here) on ebay for $10. Yes, you heard me right $10!!!!!! So, I bought the 2 that were available. Benefit is one of my favorite brands so I thought I would just stock up!

My current nail colors. Dear Diary has been my go to nail color lately. I love my Miss Bossy Pants on my toes.

Next up, my AE Boyfit Crop Jeans. I absolutely love these jeans. They are so comfy! I bought them last year and I'm happy to say they are back this year as well. I weighed a little bit more when I purchased them so they are a little bit big. But, they are just too comfy not to wear. So, I belt them and go on my way.

I loved them so much that I went back and bought the distressed ones as well. I plan to wear them a lot in the upcoming weeks. The weather has been perfect for them lately. As you can see below, I wore them to our family gathering last weekend. When you are running around with four 2 year olds and one 4 year old, you need to be comfortable!

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