Friday Favorites

This week has been hectic and seemed exceptionally long due to the fact that I haven't worked a 40 hour work week in 2 weeks. I can blame strep and bronchitis for that one. But, a lot has happened too so I'm looking forward to relaxing a little bit over the weekend. It's going to be warm...weatherman is predicting 80 on Sunday!! OMG...couldn't be happier! So, I have a plan to clean my car. The poor thing needs it; she's had a rough Winter. Here are some of my favorite things from this week.

Too Faced - Primed and Poreless. The best primer I have found. I need to thank Pink Lou Lou for this one. You were so right...It.Is.FAB! Has anyone used the Bronzing Primer? I've considered trying it.

My teasing brush (I have the pink one of course). Now that we have corrected the atrocious mess that was happening on the back of my head, I can do it properly. I have a short angled bob and the back is choppy layers. So, this guy is my best friend when I want to make it messy and have some extra volume. My hair is big by nature. It's curly and occasionally frizzy. So I NEED products and tools. Do you remember the Infusium 23 commercials? The girl with the crazy out of control hair? Yeah...that's me when I don't use product. I could scare small children. Thankfully, I've learned how to control it and might I add THANK GOD FOR A FLAT IRON. It changed my life! I rocked a ponytail a lot growing up because I just didn't know how to handle the hair situation.

Mr. Sunshine has finally returned to gray and gloomy Ohio. I've been rocking my aviators the past few days. It puts a huge smile on my face!

**One more thing that made my week so much better is Facebook Chat. What would I do without it?? It allows me to talk to my best all the way in Poland. It doesn't compare to face to face or even the phone but I know her well enough to sense her sarcasm! Ren, I know you're busy but you'll read this eventually. Things aren't ideal and it isn't going exactly how you planned. But, I know you'll make the best of it. Have fun traveling this weekend. I can't wait to hear your stories. Enjoy your Easter candy and Girl Scout Cookies. I miss my partner in crime...we'll make up for lost time when you return! Love you!

Alright Ladies, have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


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