Friday Favorites

I've decided that every Friday I'm going to list some of the things that I have been obsessing over all week. These might be things that have made my week a little better or new discoveries that have made me ask "how did I ever survive without this?". So...here it is!

 I tried this yogurt last week and was an instant fan. I understand why the lady in the commercial hides it in the refrigerator. My 2 faves so far are Mango and Peach. I saw there is a Pomegranate so I'm going to need to try that ASAP. Also, you can get a 12 pack of them at Sams Club for $12...great deal! It includes 4 each of Blueberry, Strawberry and Peach. It is the BEST yogurt I've ever had. My dad and I haven't stopped talking about it.

 Due to my awesome sickness (that I still have by the way..UGH!) I have been living on this stuff. My poor lips are so chapped. I have been a fan of Carmex for years and it is my go to in the winter months.

Hue Brand Tights. The ONLY tights I like to wear. I'm short...REALLY short so finding tights isn't easy. They never seem to fit right. But, these do! I was a happy girl after this discovery. Plus, they come in so many colors. I wear the crap out of my gray ones. You can find them at Dillard's and Macy's. I'm sure they are other places as well, but that's where I've purchased mine. 

When it came to buying a pair of black booties...I looked for months. Not even kidding. I knew what I wanted but I couldn't find it. I wanted something comfortable that I could wear all day and not have an issue. I found these they are Unlisted by Kenneth Cole. I happened to walk through Elder Beerman's one day on my way into the mall and they were having a shoe sale. So, of course I stopped and I couldn't believe it. There they were and it was the perfect fit! Plus, I got a great deal on them (like $30). I wear them at least twice a week with my Hue Tights and a skirt. The top can be flipped down so they're a little shorter. I think I need them in taupe!

I hope you enjoyed my current obsessions and maybe you'll go out and try one of them! Ladies, is there something that you currently can't live without? Please share!!

P.S. It's the FINAL FOUR! Both of my teams are out but I'm really pulling for Butler to go all the way.

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  1. Lately for me it has been Kleexex and medicated Chapstick.