Destination Wedding...YES PLEASE!

My cousin Jess is getting married next February in Key West. That's right folks...a DESTINATION WEDDING. Our entire family is thrilled. We're thrilled for the happy couple but we are also thrilled that they decided to celebrate their new life together on the beach! My fam loves any reason to celebrate. There is ALWAYS wine, liquor and beer present at all family gatherings. Yeah...basically any form of booze. I should stress the fact that we are not alcoholics! ;) But, we love a good cocktail. So, this wedding will allow us to sit by the ocean with a fruity drink in hand and that is basically all I need for a good vaca! Plus...the reception is on a BOAT! Jess and I are both taking off work on the 29th...getting inspiration from the Royal Wedding, of course. I'm sure we'll pull out her inspiration boards and look through her wedding stuff as well but we just won't make any big decisions after a couple of glasses of wine!

Jess is 2 years younger than me, so we have lots of memories together...

This is by far one of my favorite pics from my childhood. Jess and I with our Uncle Daren. 

Halloween '09 Gaga and a Girl Scout

We wear Ugly Christmas sweaters. It's Awesome. 

This has NOTHING to do with Jess. But, my sister looks all kinds of fabulous in it! HA! Oh and Sarah is completely embarassed to be standing next to her.

*There will be more pics to come...we were forced to wear fancy dresses on EVERY special occasion. So, there are some real gems out there. I just need to find / scan them!

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