17 Day Diet

I'm aware that I don't need a "diet". When my friend Jenn and I are discussing the low cal options at a restaurant or looking up fat content on our phones while we wait, we're aware that people want to slap us. Or when we are complaining about our jeans being a little snug. But, I have my reasons for going on this diet.

In the fall I got incredibly sick. I wouldn't wish what I went through on my worst enemy. For two straight months I was nauseated every hour of every day. I had severe abdominal cramps. It was horrible. In the end, I lost 10 pounds and looked totally emaciated. My skin tone was gray, my hair was dry and my face was a broken out disaster! I won't even get into all of the tests I had done to me. Let's just say...they aren't fun and I hope I don't have to do them again for a VERY long time. My internal med doctor (the man that called me a spit fire - that's a story for another day) put me on a strict diet. Lean meats, no fat, nothing processed, no red sauce (this was a biggie...eating pizza made me want to die.) Turns out I had polyps in my stomach (which were removed) if the problem continues or flares up again, they will take out my gallbladder. Personally, I would like to keep my organs...THANKS!

I'm feeling fine. I was on a medication they give to people with ulcers. I had to take it before every meal and at bedtime. The pill itself is disgusting. It starts to disintegrate almost immediately. Not to mention, it's huge! So, getting those guys down was a task in itself. I learned that I couldn't take it with water because it tasted horrible. I would try but I would gag every time. I started testing my limits and eating things without the pills. It's the only way I would know if I was feeling better. I didn't want to take a pill four times a day forever. So, I haven't been taking them for a while and I feel great. The problem is my diet has turned to crap! I'm eating anything and everything and I have a fear that the problem will come back.

So, this brings me back to the 17 day diet. I'm using it to get my body back on track. In the book, it discusses that the things he recommends help with digestion, etc. This is what I need people! Anything, that will keep me from surgery or pills everyday. I'm on day 2. So far so good. I don't have the book with me. So, I'll have to post again with the details of the diet. Every cycle is 17 days...who can't do something for 17 days? If you hit your goal weight you can skip to the final cycle. I only want to lose a few pounds so I have a feeling that's where I'll be going next. I'm not trying to look sickly...been there, done that! I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.

Towards the end of the stomach issues, I went to Homecoming at OU. I had been on my pills for a few weeks and my doctor told me to go and eat what I wanted to see how it made me feel. What better place to do that than in Athens?

This is me, carrying around a HUGE bottle of pills. I managed to have a great time and had very little pain. When people tried to get me to do shots. I would say...no really, I can't. If they insisted, I pulled this guy out and then they would back off! Color had come back to my face at this point because I was no longer living on Gatorade, Sprite, toast, crackers and the occasional grilled cheese.



  1. Look how cute your hair was!

    Obviously the internet is working at the Renaissance again. Sweet delicious internet...

  2. Oh yes...the days of long hair and ponytails. I miss it at times.