Sunday Funday

Yesterday I went on a shopping extravaganza with Jenn. Our shopping trips are always eventful! We were on a mission to find specific items. Of course we came home with none of those items. TYPICAL. However, we did find a few things that we didn't need. I got this great Cargo PlantLove lipstick in Angie Harmon - Grace. I also bought another new nail polish. The collection keeps growing!! I need to be prepared for Spring/Summer so I'm going to have to retire my Lincoln Park After Dark and Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ until Fall. I came home with one of the Sephora Glee collection colors...Miss Bossy Pants. I plan to put this on my toes tomorrow, perhaps while I watch Glee! (Seriously...I love Glee. It's so amazing. Last week, Kurt and Blaine stole my heart!)

In other news, I looked like a complete fool while standing in the cold food section at Health Foods Unlimited watching the Carolina game on my phone. If you have an iPhone and love March Madness as much as I do, you need to get the NCAA March Madness On Demand App. It's free and you can live stream the games from CBS Sports. It's awesome. So, I'm standing in the cold foods section talking to my phone and trying not to yell when Henson knocked that ball out of bounds. But, in the end they pulled out the win and I rejoined my friend. I don't blame her for walking away from me. I was a mess!! 

Happy Monday Everyone!

P.S. I have another Alumni Meeting tonight. This reunion is taking over my life. June 17th and 18th cannot come soon enough!

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