Spring Showers

Well it is officially Spring and the rain has already started. I won't even say that S word they are predicting we will get tomorrow. Seriously, it's been 70 degrees. Why must the cold weather return? I'm hoping the weather man is wrong. My dad was yelling at the weather man on Monday night because he started chuckling when he told us that (S word) was expected on Thursday. To quote my dad, "Stop laughing ass hole. It's not funny." Clearly, dad is a little bitter about the cold weather returning. Hopefully, this is short lived.

I'm not a big fan of the rain. It makes my hair frizzy. And who likes that? But, the only perk to it is I get to wear these

Really, they are probably one of my favorite purchases. I would recommend them to anyone. I wanted purple but they were sold out. So, I got teal and the color makes me happy on gloomy days.

Even Addy Jean loves them! How cute is she?

Every time I come over Addy wants to wear my shoes. I walk in and she'll kick her shoes off and say, "Windsey's Shoes!!" She's the little diva and I love that about her! I'm sure there will be pics later of her wearing my heels or stiletto boots. The girl has style!

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