Pet Peeves...

Ok, so yesterday I encountered one of my biggest pet peeves...driving the school zone speed when school is clearly not in session. Do you see any cars in the parking lot?? No. Wouldn't that be your first clue that school is certainly not in session. So, let's not drive 20 mph when we can be doing 45 mph. Thanks!

Also, I hate slow walkers. I can't handle it. It's worse than slow drivers...if you know me, you know how much I hate slow drives. Seriously, just follow the rules of the road and we won't have a problem. I'm perfectly aware of my road rage. There is no need to point it out. But, back to the slow walkers. Please explain to me why I'm walking faster than you and I'm 4'11". COME ON! My little legs can move and I think that I walk pretty fast for being as short as I am but why do people find it necessary to stop in the middle of the sidewalk. How about we congregate over here and make it impossible for anyone to get around us. Be courteous people! I'll be the first to say something too. Then, they look at your like you're a lunatic for trying to get around them. HELLO! If you're going to stop and stare in every window at the mall then please do not block the entire aisle. It's not rocket science. I will say when I'm trying to maneuver my way thru the crowd I ALWAYS say excuse me. It's usually blatantly ignored until I'm practically yelling it but still...I say it.

Going shopping with me can be a real treat. With the idiots on the road that I proceed to yell at and the people that don't know how to walk in a straight line or are completely clueless that there are actually other people around them.

Sorry for the rant...sometimes you just need to vent.

P.S. I go out of my way every morning to avoid school zones and a town that changes speed limits every block. I will drive a back road any day. I think it actually saves me time because I'm not stuck behind people driving 25 in a 45. Except for this morning when a man was going 30 mph. No worries...I passed him at my first opportunity.


  1. Clearly you need a cow pusher like they put on the front of trains. Or a taller person to use you as their own cow pusher. I use my 5'2'' friend during Blitz Day to push people out of our way. It's a win-win...for us.

  2. I can bob and weave through a crowd like you wouldn't believe. I grab my friends hands and pull them with me. People don't even see me coming!