Ohio University

I had incredibly strange dreams last night. Almost all of them took place in Athens. One in particular took place at Pita Pit...the entire dream was me and my friends trying to get pitas. I must be having a craving! So, this inspired me to blog about OU. I have been in bed all day so this gives me plenty of time to look thru all old pics and reminisce about the good ole days! This is probably my favorite topic. This is Athens:

This is College Green and Court St.

The Athena...our movie theater. (Rennie and I had our first class together there due to renovations in Bentley Hall)

College Green

Jeff Hill...they paved it. It's pretty much devastating. We miss the bricks!

Class of 2005 Mini Reunion. Such a great 24 hours in our happy place!

Graduation Pic. Just a few of my favorites.

Our Handsome Boys

The night OU upset Georgetown during the first round of the 2010 NCAA Tournament. Court Street went crazy...we were so proud of our Bobcats!

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