My Supporting Cast

I feel like you should get to know some of the people that will be frequently mentioned. These are the girls that know me best. This might take a few posts so prepare yourself.

First up, Rennie. We didn't meet until our Sophomore year of college but I wonder how I ever survived without her. We met the first day of class our Sophomore year. She went to HS with a guy that lived on my floor Freshman year. We all had Human Biology together. She didn't think she would like me at first. She thought I was an over-achiever because I took a lot of notes in the class. Little did she know that I was taking the notes so I would stay awake. It wasn't long and we were bff. I refer to her as many things: my partner in crime, the best relationship I have ever been in, fellow L-Cubed member (we'll touch on that later) and my best friend. She is pretty much awesome. Right now, she is in Poland teaching English. She quit her job and moved to Europe for 6 months. This is what I love about her. However, I'm really missing the fact that I can't call her whenever I feel like it. I'm pretty sure my parents see her as another daughter. What can I say...my life would suck without her!

 She loves to sing and dance

I like to call her zippers because of this shirt

She makes any wedding a little more fun

We ALWAYS ring in the New Year together (this year was the first time since college that we didn't.)

Watching the Buckeyes (she was one...until she transferred)

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