My Supporting Cast Part 2

Next up...Miss Jenn. We like to call ourselves twins because we are so much a like. Her husband makes fun of us...ALL OF THE TIME! We have to call each other before we meet up to go somewhere because we tend to show up wearing VERY similar outfits. This has happened more than once. Sometimes, we just go with it and don't even care. She has two pretty amazing kids. Zeke and Addison. You'll see them a lot too..I'm Aunt Windsey. I adore them. Jenn and I have known each other nearly all of our lives. We graduated from high school together and we both still live in the same small town.

This is Addy Jean. I told you. She.Is.Awesome.

How can you not love this precious boy?

We saw GAGA! It Was Fabulous!

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