My Sister...The Future Army Wife

My baby sister is officially finished with classes at OU. It makes me feel old. She is currently doing her internship with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Clarksville, TN because her boyfriend is stationed at Fort Campbell. He is deploying next week so she'll be staying there with their "child" LeRoy. This child is NOT a little human...he's a 1 year old husky that is a total pain but we all seem to love him anyway. Sister (her name is actually Lauren but I do call her sister and my brother Tyler is called brother...the majority of the time) graduates in June then she'll find a job around Fort Campbell for the next 2 years or so before they're off to the next location. So, will start her life as an Army Wife. She's not engaged but she might as well be. We all see Nik as family anyway and they totally act like an old married couple already.

They're a pretty cute couple

Nik also went to OU and this was taken at his last Military Ball for ROTC.

Meet LeRoy Brown. Don't let that cute face fool you...he's a maniac!

The military is nothing new to my family. My dad served in Desert Storm and served 22 years for our country through the Army and National Guard. I can't begin to name everyone my dad served with because I know I'll forget someone. But, they know who they are and my parents are still friends with them today. My cousin Nate was in the Navy and his brother Brad is currently in the Navy. He is stationed in Seattle with his wife and twin girls. My cousin Shawn is currently in Iraq and will be home soon. My friend Nick joined the Air Force a couple of years ago and is currently in Kyrgyzstan. He only has a couple of months left of his deployment. Nik's brother Jason is currently stationed in Japan. His wife Jes recently returned to the states. They weren't directly effected by the earthquake or tsunami but read her blog!! One of my dad's oldest friends from his 82nd Airborn days is doing a lot of work with the troops currently. He made the movie Lt. Dan Band For The Common Good with Gary Sinise. If you didn't know, Gary has a band called the Lt. Dan Band and they go around the world performing for troops. Jon documents all of that in the film and puts a lot of focus on the troops. The quote from Jerry Bruckheimer on the main page says it all. If you see a man or woman in uniform...Thank Them. They are the reason we get to live our lives the way we do.

I had intended to talk about my sister...this got a little off topic but I think it needed to be said. I can always talk about sister later!


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