I'm an iPhone user. It's like another hand to me. I'm addicted to it...I've learned to accept this. There are just so many fun apps and some that are rather addicting {...Angry Birds...}. But, they do allow me to pass the time while I'm proctoring exams and quizzes. I fought the Angry Birds thing for a very long time but then someone (ahem - Chris Jankowski) made me feel like an inadequate iPhone user for not having it. So, it took over my life for a few weeks. I was seriously charging my phone on my drive home because the ol' battery was turning red. Not my finest moment! But, the constant need to play Angry Birds has passed.

The real purpose of this post was to find out who has an iPhone because I'm trying to find a new case. I have the 3gs. My current one (which I bought on ebay for like $5 because it was purple and it was cute) is peeling my screen protector off and causing serious air bubbles. I've been told they will all get air bubbles but this is absurd!! I know that my sister doesn't have them and she is currently using my old case, so it is possible. My boss has an iPhone as well. She took her case off yesterday and had me try it. I think I'm a fan. This is what I'm looking at...

It's the Incipio dermaSHOT Pro. I'm taking suggestions people! If you have a brand you like or an app you can't live without feel free to share! I just removed a bunch of apps I don't use. I have all of the staples but my Starbucks Mobile Card is one of my faves. As well as, NCAA March Madness (of course I need this right now), Scramble, Sudoku, TFLN, ShakeDrink (a slot machine of alcoholic beverages...Amazing) and Hipstamatic (camera app...AWESOME).

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