Hello World!

Hello Blogger world! I've decided to start a blog...mainly out of boredom. I think the title is pretty self explanatory. I live in a small town in Ohio. It's not that exciting. But, there is something special about Main St. during Christmas and going for runs thru Fort St. Clair in the fall. So, I don't hate it. It's true that we have drive your tractor to school day which is something that always makes me laugh! After college, I moved to Chicago. I lived there a month and had the opportunity to move to New York City. I did it...and didn't look back. I LOVE THAT CITY. I truly do. But, being a poor girl just out of college with student loan debt made living there difficult. So, I came back. Here I am six years post college and still living in the small town that I couldn't wait to get away from. I have a new appreciation for it now but I still don't plan to be here forever.

Here are a few things about me. I went to Ohio University. I'm a Bobcat for life and have the tattoo to prove it. Athens is my happy place. Seriously, the sight of The Ridges and Court St put an instant smile on my face. Athens, is the typical college town. But, I'm sure there will be more on that later. Every Saturday in the fall you can find me sitting in front of the tv with my OSU jersey on...most likely yelling at the team. Why? Because I think I can do a better job?! The same goes for UNC Basketball. (Speaking of...it is officially March Madness and this is like Christmas to me.) I also love all things girly. Make-Up, Nail Polish, Shoes, Handbags, etc. There will most definitely be recipes and pictures of my latest baking endeavor. Sugar cookies are my specialty.

This is just a little something to get you started. So, until next time...

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