Couch to 5K

I've decided to jump back on the bandwagon...as of yesterday I started running again. This is going to hurt. I don't know why I ever stop running because the first 2 weeks back are painful. I don't care what anyone says...it hurts! My legs are achy today but better than I expected. Maybe it's because I decided to be smart about it this time. Typically this is what happens, I decide to start running so I just go out and attempt to run 3 miles because in my mind I can do that. I say to myself, "it's not that far". Well IT IS. My mind and body are no longer on the same page. Back in High School when I ran XC, I could just go run 3 miles. It may not have been fast and it may not have been pretty but I could do it. Now, I'm throwing up in a bush 20 minutes into the run. This is not a joke...I seriously get sick.

Jenn and I trained for a 1/2 marathon 2 summers ago. It wasn't pretty. I would turn pale and we would know it was time to stop for the day. Basically, we judged the quality of our run on whether or not I was near death. I didn't get to compete in the 1/2 marathon because once again I pushed my body too hard/too fast and it told me to stop. It's pretty frustrating to spend months training, get to the point that you are running 8 miles and not blinking an eye about it then it's all wasted because you can't compete.

I'm being smart this time. I'm following the Couch to 5K program. Slow and steady is going to be my motto. I would rather take my time and work up to this slowly. I've tried the other ways and I always seem to fail. I hurt myself and I get pissed and then I stop. Which then results in me jumping back on the bandwagon a few months later and enduring the pain of starting to run again. Ugh! Yesterday was day one. I followed the plan exactly. I felt really good afterwards. I felt like I could keep going but I didn't. I'm following the plan! I have my lovely RunKeeper App to time myself and calculate my mileage and calories burned. This and an updated running playlist and I think I'm on the right track!

I'll keep you all posted!

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