The Sweet Sixteen starts tonight and I'm not even excited about it. I'm obsessed with March Madness and I just don't care. You're probably thinking...she has to be sick? You would be correct. I have strep throat...it HURTS! I cannot recall having strep throat since I got my tonsils out in 4th grade. So, I've been on a pretty good streak. Tuesday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. I thought my allergies were flaring up because I ran outside and the tree pollen was high. So, I shrugged it off. Well, yesterday I couldn't swallow. Not a good sign. It's to the point that I can barely talk. My mom said I needed to go to the doctor. I had a busy day today at work and there was a meeting I couldn't miss. I used to work for the doctor which means I call the nurse at home, tell her my symptoms and she says whether or not I should come in. Then, I show up without an appointment and no one says anything. It's a nice little set up. So, I got there early and my doctor GASPED at the sight of my throat and said, "that's something special." He has a way with words! He told me that definitely looks like strep and put me on some strong antibiotics. But, I'm sitting here at work anyway. (I mean I'm blogging...so how busy can I be?) I have a feeling tomorrow will be an R & R day unless by some grace of god I make a miraculous recovery overnight.

To my sister, (who used to get this chronically until she had her tonsils out at the age of 19) I don't know how you did it. I want to curl up in a ball and cry. My throat is on fire. I am a complete baby...I'M AWARE.

Maybe I'll go home and put on my OU sweatpants and UNC sweatshirt and get in the basketball spirit. If not, I'll watch the highlights tomorrow before the OSU and Carolina games.

Have a great day everyone! I'm going to get another glass of water and pop in another cough drop. Ricola Honey Lemon with Echinacea...MY FAVES!

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