My Sister...The Future Army Wife

My baby sister is officially finished with classes at OU. It makes me feel old. She is currently doing her internship with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Clarksville, TN because her boyfriend is stationed at Fort Campbell. He is deploying next week so she'll be staying there with their "child" LeRoy. This child is NOT a little human...he's a 1 year old husky that is a total pain but we all seem to love him anyway. Sister (her name is actually Lauren but I do call her sister and my brother Tyler is called brother...the majority of the time) graduates in June then she'll find a job around Fort Campbell for the next 2 years or so before they're off to the next location. So, will start her life as an Army Wife. She's not engaged but she might as well be. We all see Nik as family anyway and they totally act like an old married couple already.

They're a pretty cute couple

Nik also went to OU and this was taken at his last Military Ball for ROTC.

Meet LeRoy Brown. Don't let that cute face fool you...he's a maniac!

The military is nothing new to my family. My dad served in Desert Storm and served 22 years for our country through the Army and National Guard. I can't begin to name everyone my dad served with because I know I'll forget someone. But, they know who they are and my parents are still friends with them today. My cousin Nate was in the Navy and his brother Brad is currently in the Navy. He is stationed in Seattle with his wife and twin girls. My cousin Shawn is currently in Iraq and will be home soon. My friend Nick joined the Air Force a couple of years ago and is currently in Kyrgyzstan. He only has a couple of months left of his deployment. Nik's brother Jason is currently stationed in Japan. His wife Jes recently returned to the states. They weren't directly effected by the earthquake or tsunami but read her blog!! One of my dad's oldest friends from his 82nd Airborn days is doing a lot of work with the troops currently. He made the movie Lt. Dan Band For The Common Good with Gary Sinise. If you didn't know, Gary has a band called the Lt. Dan Band and they go around the world performing for troops. Jon documents all of that in the film and puts a lot of focus on the troops. The quote from Jerry Bruckheimer on the main page says it all. If you see a man or woman in uniform...Thank Them. They are the reason we get to live our lives the way we do.

I had intended to talk about my sister...this got a little off topic but I think it needed to be said. I can always talk about sister later!




I'm an iPhone user. It's like another hand to me. I'm addicted to it...I've learned to accept this. There are just so many fun apps and some that are rather addicting {...Angry Birds...}. But, they do allow me to pass the time while I'm proctoring exams and quizzes. I fought the Angry Birds thing for a very long time but then someone (ahem - Chris Jankowski) made me feel like an inadequate iPhone user for not having it. So, it took over my life for a few weeks. I was seriously charging my phone on my drive home because the ol' battery was turning red. Not my finest moment! But, the constant need to play Angry Birds has passed.

The real purpose of this post was to find out who has an iPhone because I'm trying to find a new case. I have the 3gs. My current one (which I bought on ebay for like $5 because it was purple and it was cute) is peeling my screen protector off and causing serious air bubbles. I've been told they will all get air bubbles but this is absurd!! I know that my sister doesn't have them and she is currently using my old case, so it is possible. My boss has an iPhone as well. She took her case off yesterday and had me try it. I think I'm a fan. This is what I'm looking at...

It's the Incipio dermaSHOT Pro. I'm taking suggestions people! If you have a brand you like or an app you can't live without feel free to share! I just removed a bunch of apps I don't use. I have all of the staples but my Starbucks Mobile Card is one of my faves. As well as, NCAA March Madness (of course I need this right now), Scramble, Sudoku, TFLN, ShakeDrink (a slot machine of alcoholic beverages...Amazing) and Hipstamatic (camera app...AWESOME).


Pet Peeves...

Ok, so yesterday I encountered one of my biggest pet peeves...driving the school zone speed when school is clearly not in session. Do you see any cars in the parking lot?? No. Wouldn't that be your first clue that school is certainly not in session. So, let's not drive 20 mph when we can be doing 45 mph. Thanks!

Also, I hate slow walkers. I can't handle it. It's worse than slow drivers...if you know me, you know how much I hate slow drives. Seriously, just follow the rules of the road and we won't have a problem. I'm perfectly aware of my road rage. There is no need to point it out. But, back to the slow walkers. Please explain to me why I'm walking faster than you and I'm 4'11". COME ON! My little legs can move and I think that I walk pretty fast for being as short as I am but why do people find it necessary to stop in the middle of the sidewalk. How about we congregate over here and make it impossible for anyone to get around us. Be courteous people! I'll be the first to say something too. Then, they look at your like you're a lunatic for trying to get around them. HELLO! If you're going to stop and stare in every window at the mall then please do not block the entire aisle. It's not rocket science. I will say when I'm trying to maneuver my way thru the crowd I ALWAYS say excuse me. It's usually blatantly ignored until I'm practically yelling it but still...I say it.

Going shopping with me can be a real treat. With the idiots on the road that I proceed to yell at and the people that don't know how to walk in a straight line or are completely clueless that there are actually other people around them.

Sorry for the rant...sometimes you just need to vent.

P.S. I go out of my way every morning to avoid school zones and a town that changes speed limits every block. I will drive a back road any day. I think it actually saves me time because I'm not stuck behind people driving 25 in a 45. Except for this morning when a man was going 30 mph. No worries...I passed him at my first opportunity.



Well I have returned to work today after spending three full days in bed. I'm still pretty miserable and I'm running on fumes. Which means I definitely needed my cup of coffee this morning. It's rare that you will see my walking into the office without my Starbucks travel mug. Typically, I have that in one hand and my iPhone in the other. I wasn't a big coffee fan. Not even in college when I was rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn to cram for an 8 am final. I gradually started drinking it when I lived in New York...it could have something to do with the fact that there is a Starbucks on every corner. Now, I have my cup every morning (except for the past three days...I didn't even have the energy for it).

I have a Keurig. If you don't have one and you love coffee as much as I do...you need it! It is fabulous. In 1 minute you can have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and the clean up is so easy.  

I have this model. It's the Keurig Platinum Coffee Maker in Black. 
My new go to mug. I bought in Athens a couple of weeks ago. I'm in love. It's HUGE...I could probably brew 2 k cups worth of coffee in it!

I have my favorite flavors. Wolfgang Puck's Breakfast in Bed is probably my favorite non-flavored coffee. It's pretty awesome. I also enjoy the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend and Caribou Daybreak. Green Mountain's Caramel Vanilla Cream is GREAT. I also love Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee, French Vanilla Supreme and Swiss Almond Chocolate. Timothy's Cinnamon Pastry is seriously like having a cinnamon roll...without the calories! Jenn gave me a Folger's Vanilla Biscotti that I had today and I'm really liking it. I just ordered Wolfgang Puck's Creme Caramel. I have been wanting it for a very long time and it is always sold out so I'm hoping the anticipation is worth it. When you order through Keurig's site you get points and receive discounts...so it's really the way to go. I think the quantities are bigger than you find in the grocery store too. I love that they give you an option of ordering a 5 pack instead of 24, so you can see if you like it instead of being stuck with a bunch of coffee you don't like.

Do any of you use a Keurig?? Please tell me your favorite flavors. I'm always willing to try something new! Jenn, I can't wait to try the Mocha Nut Fudge tomorrow.


Ohio University

I had incredibly strange dreams last night. Almost all of them took place in Athens. One in particular took place at Pita Pit...the entire dream was me and my friends trying to get pitas. I must be having a craving! So, this inspired me to blog about OU. I have been in bed all day so this gives me plenty of time to look thru all old pics and reminisce about the good ole days! This is probably my favorite topic. This is Athens:

This is College Green and Court St.

The Athena...our movie theater. (Rennie and I had our first class together there due to renovations in Bentley Hall)

College Green

Jeff Hill...they paved it. It's pretty much devastating. We miss the bricks!

Class of 2005 Mini Reunion. Such a great 24 hours in our happy place!

Graduation Pic. Just a few of my favorites.

Our Handsome Boys

The night OU upset Georgetown during the first round of the 2010 NCAA Tournament. Court Street went crazy...we were so proud of our Bobcats!



The Sweet Sixteen starts tonight and I'm not even excited about it. I'm obsessed with March Madness and I just don't care. You're probably thinking...she has to be sick? You would be correct. I have strep throat...it HURTS! I cannot recall having strep throat since I got my tonsils out in 4th grade. So, I've been on a pretty good streak. Tuesday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. I thought my allergies were flaring up because I ran outside and the tree pollen was high. So, I shrugged it off. Well, yesterday I couldn't swallow. Not a good sign. It's to the point that I can barely talk. My mom said I needed to go to the doctor. I had a busy day today at work and there was a meeting I couldn't miss. I used to work for the doctor which means I call the nurse at home, tell her my symptoms and she says whether or not I should come in. Then, I show up without an appointment and no one says anything. It's a nice little set up. So, I got there early and my doctor GASPED at the sight of my throat and said, "that's something special." He has a way with words! He told me that definitely looks like strep and put me on some strong antibiotics. But, I'm sitting here at work anyway. (I mean I'm blogging...so how busy can I be?) I have a feeling tomorrow will be an R & R day unless by some grace of god I make a miraculous recovery overnight.

To my sister, (who used to get this chronically until she had her tonsils out at the age of 19) I don't know how you did it. I want to curl up in a ball and cry. My throat is on fire. I am a complete baby...I'M AWARE.

Maybe I'll go home and put on my OU sweatpants and UNC sweatshirt and get in the basketball spirit. If not, I'll watch the highlights tomorrow before the OSU and Carolina games.

Have a great day everyone! I'm going to get another glass of water and pop in another cough drop. Ricola Honey Lemon with Echinacea...MY FAVES!


Spring Showers

Well it is officially Spring and the rain has already started. I won't even say that S word they are predicting we will get tomorrow. Seriously, it's been 70 degrees. Why must the cold weather return? I'm hoping the weather man is wrong. My dad was yelling at the weather man on Monday night because he started chuckling when he told us that (S word) was expected on Thursday. To quote my dad, "Stop laughing ass hole. It's not funny." Clearly, dad is a little bitter about the cold weather returning. Hopefully, this is short lived.

I'm not a big fan of the rain. It makes my hair frizzy. And who likes that? But, the only perk to it is I get to wear these

Really, they are probably one of my favorite purchases. I would recommend them to anyone. I wanted purple but they were sold out. So, I got teal and the color makes me happy on gloomy days.

Even Addy Jean loves them! How cute is she?

Every time I come over Addy wants to wear my shoes. I walk in and she'll kick her shoes off and say, "Windsey's Shoes!!" She's the little diva and I love that about her! I'm sure there will be pics later of her wearing my heels or stiletto boots. The girl has style!


Couch to 5K

I've decided to jump back on the bandwagon...as of yesterday I started running again. This is going to hurt. I don't know why I ever stop running because the first 2 weeks back are painful. I don't care what anyone says...it hurts! My legs are achy today but better than I expected. Maybe it's because I decided to be smart about it this time. Typically this is what happens, I decide to start running so I just go out and attempt to run 3 miles because in my mind I can do that. I say to myself, "it's not that far". Well IT IS. My mind and body are no longer on the same page. Back in High School when I ran XC, I could just go run 3 miles. It may not have been fast and it may not have been pretty but I could do it. Now, I'm throwing up in a bush 20 minutes into the run. This is not a joke...I seriously get sick.

Jenn and I trained for a 1/2 marathon 2 summers ago. It wasn't pretty. I would turn pale and we would know it was time to stop for the day. Basically, we judged the quality of our run on whether or not I was near death. I didn't get to compete in the 1/2 marathon because once again I pushed my body too hard/too fast and it told me to stop. It's pretty frustrating to spend months training, get to the point that you are running 8 miles and not blinking an eye about it then it's all wasted because you can't compete.

I'm being smart this time. I'm following the Couch to 5K program. Slow and steady is going to be my motto. I would rather take my time and work up to this slowly. I've tried the other ways and I always seem to fail. I hurt myself and I get pissed and then I stop. Which then results in me jumping back on the bandwagon a few months later and enduring the pain of starting to run again. Ugh! Yesterday was day one. I followed the plan exactly. I felt really good afterwards. I felt like I could keep going but I didn't. I'm following the plan! I have my lovely RunKeeper App to time myself and calculate my mileage and calories burned. This and an updated running playlist and I think I'm on the right track!

I'll keep you all posted!


Sunday Funday

Yesterday I went on a shopping extravaganza with Jenn. Our shopping trips are always eventful! We were on a mission to find specific items. Of course we came home with none of those items. TYPICAL. However, we did find a few things that we didn't need. I got this great Cargo PlantLove lipstick in Angie Harmon - Grace. I also bought another new nail polish. The collection keeps growing!! I need to be prepared for Spring/Summer so I'm going to have to retire my Lincoln Park After Dark and Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ until Fall. I came home with one of the Sephora Glee collection colors...Miss Bossy Pants. I plan to put this on my toes tomorrow, perhaps while I watch Glee! (Seriously...I love Glee. It's so amazing. Last week, Kurt and Blaine stole my heart!)

In other news, I looked like a complete fool while standing in the cold food section at Health Foods Unlimited watching the Carolina game on my phone. If you have an iPhone and love March Madness as much as I do, you need to get the NCAA March Madness On Demand App. It's free and you can live stream the games from CBS Sports. It's awesome. So, I'm standing in the cold foods section talking to my phone and trying not to yell when Henson knocked that ball out of bounds. But, in the end they pulled out the win and I rejoined my friend. I don't blame her for walking away from me. I was a mess!! 

Happy Monday Everyone!

P.S. I have another Alumni Meeting tonight. This reunion is taking over my life. June 17th and 18th cannot come soon enough!


Must Haves...

I thought I would share some of my favorite things. I think I should say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sephora. So, when it comes to listing my must haves there will be a lot of items from there. (I have attached a link to Sephora's website for each item to make finding them a little bit easier!)

The Sephora brand eye make up remover (waterproof) is by far my favorite. I have tried so many other brands but I don't think they compare to this. Plus, at $9 a bottle you can't complain about the price!

I just started using this AMAZING product by Benefit a few weeks ago. How did I ever get by without it? It will change your life. I promise!!

For my regular concealer I use this. It's also by Benefit and I use the medium shade. It's great coverage. I apply it with a concealer brush.

Sephora just came out with their own line of skin care products. This eye cream is FANTASTIC. You can feel it tightening everything almost instantly. My skin is sensitive and I don't have an issue with it. It's definitely worth a try!

I love this! Clinique Almost Powder SPF 15. This is the description on Sephora's site: A mineral powder makeup that glides on as light as air, leaving the skin with a luminous, flawless look. I don't like heavy make up. So, this is perfect for me.

I will never use a different blush. If you take my advice on one thing this should be it. NARS blush in Orgasm or Super Orgasm. IT. IS. FABULOUS.
All of these products are essential in my morning routine. Is there something that you can't live without? I love to hear about new products! 


My Supporting Cast Part 2

Next up...Miss Jenn. We like to call ourselves twins because we are so much a like. Her husband makes fun of us...ALL OF THE TIME! We have to call each other before we meet up to go somewhere because we tend to show up wearing VERY similar outfits. This has happened more than once. Sometimes, we just go with it and don't even care. She has two pretty amazing kids. Zeke and Addison. You'll see them a lot too..I'm Aunt Windsey. I adore them. Jenn and I have known each other nearly all of our lives. We graduated from high school together and we both still live in the same small town.

This is Addy Jean. I told you. She.Is.Awesome.

How can you not love this precious boy?

We saw GAGA! It Was Fabulous!



March Madness is officially underway. This is like Christmas to me. I have my brackets filled out. I'm printing the tv schedules so I can find out what games I can have playing in the background while I'm working. You probably think I'm a crazy person. It's fine! I have no plans this weekend. I feel like I've been on the go a lot lately. So, I plan to sit around watching a lot of basketball.

There were a lot of close games and a few upsets yesterday. I can't wait to see what today holds!

I'm helping plan my 10 year high school reunion. So, I will be addressing envelopes all weekend. Thankfully, I will have all of this basketball as a bit of a distraction! When I was chosen agreed to be on the planning committee I didn't really know what I was signing myself up for. There has been drama...and that is an understatement. But, we are determined to make this a great party even if we have no money. So, to any of my fellow EHS Class of 2001 grads out there...feel free to donate some money to your class. We need all of the help we can get! Sorry, I had to make a shameless plug there!

Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy your weekend and the Madness!


My Supporting Cast

I feel like you should get to know some of the people that will be frequently mentioned. These are the girls that know me best. This might take a few posts so prepare yourself.

First up, Rennie. We didn't meet until our Sophomore year of college but I wonder how I ever survived without her. We met the first day of class our Sophomore year. She went to HS with a guy that lived on my floor Freshman year. We all had Human Biology together. She didn't think she would like me at first. She thought I was an over-achiever because I took a lot of notes in the class. Little did she know that I was taking the notes so I would stay awake. It wasn't long and we were bff. I refer to her as many things: my partner in crime, the best relationship I have ever been in, fellow L-Cubed member (we'll touch on that later) and my best friend. She is pretty much awesome. Right now, she is in Poland teaching English. She quit her job and moved to Europe for 6 months. This is what I love about her. However, I'm really missing the fact that I can't call her whenever I feel like it. I'm pretty sure my parents see her as another daughter. What can I say...my life would suck without her!

 She loves to sing and dance

I like to call her zippers because of this shirt

She makes any wedding a little more fun

We ALWAYS ring in the New Year together (this year was the first time since college that we didn't.)

Watching the Buckeyes (she was one...until she transferred)


Hello World!

Hello Blogger world! I've decided to start a blog...mainly out of boredom. I think the title is pretty self explanatory. I live in a small town in Ohio. It's not that exciting. But, there is something special about Main St. during Christmas and going for runs thru Fort St. Clair in the fall. So, I don't hate it. It's true that we have drive your tractor to school day which is something that always makes me laugh! After college, I moved to Chicago. I lived there a month and had the opportunity to move to New York City. I did it...and didn't look back. I LOVE THAT CITY. I truly do. But, being a poor girl just out of college with student loan debt made living there difficult. So, I came back. Here I am six years post college and still living in the small town that I couldn't wait to get away from. I have a new appreciation for it now but I still don't plan to be here forever.

Here are a few things about me. I went to Ohio University. I'm a Bobcat for life and have the tattoo to prove it. Athens is my happy place. Seriously, the sight of The Ridges and Court St put an instant smile on my face. Athens, is the typical college town. But, I'm sure there will be more on that later. Every Saturday in the fall you can find me sitting in front of the tv with my OSU jersey on...most likely yelling at the team. Why? Because I think I can do a better job?! The same goes for UNC Basketball. (Speaking of...it is officially March Madness and this is like Christmas to me.) I also love all things girly. Make-Up, Nail Polish, Shoes, Handbags, etc. There will most definitely be recipes and pictures of my latest baking endeavor. Sugar cookies are my specialty.

This is just a little something to get you started. So, until next time...